First EIGO! Café in Breizh cafe in Shinjuku

Good afternoon everyone! 皆さんも土曜日の午後を楽しんでいますか?:)

今日、初めてのEIGO!カフェ AFTERNOONを行いました!場所はなんと北フランスで有名なクレープ専門のカフェ『ブレーズカフェ』(Breizh Café)。First afternoon event today in Shinjuku at Breizh Café, a famous place in Normandy for its crepes.

英語の他に盛りだくさんプラスαが提供できた感じでとても優雅な時間になりました!参加者も喜んでもらえて達成感がすごいです♫ I absolutely delivered more than just an English conversation today! Lots of added value today and that feels great! I received very positive feedback from the audience, I feel I’ve achieved my goal! 😉

先日シェアしたように特に笑顔を意識して今日接していました。そしたら予想以上に反応が良くて向こうもずっと笑顔だったんです。笑顔も良きウイルスとして今後もバンバン感染していこうかと!( ^∀^) As I shared the other day my thoughts about smile, I particularly focused on smiling whilst I was talking to my audience today. The result was far better than I expected: he audience was smiling all the way till the end of the event! I truly believe now there are good viruses out there, the “smile” being one of them! Be assured I will se that I infect as many people as possible from now on! 😉

次回のイベントは明日26日(月)朝活@高田馬場!our next event will be tomorrow Monday 26th, morning event at Takadanobaba!

すでにあなたに会えるのを楽しみにしています!I’m already excited to meet you there!

次回までは素晴らしい午後を!Until then what ever you do, have a fantastic end of weekend and do stay awesome! 😉 😉


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