EIGO!カフェが進化?!Let’s go to the next level!




  • 会社員の方:昇格や昇進のために英語力がますます求められる
  • 海外で仕事をするので英語が必須
  • 独立していて事業を海外に拡大したい
  • これから独立したいので自分の英語のスキルを身に付けたい
  • 英語を身に付けて自分に自信を持ちたい
  • 違う文化に触れて新しい自分を見つけたい



With more participants coming to our English cafe events,
we will be taking the events to the next level to serve you better.

This “evolution” starts next week on Monday 29th May 2017!

And so our new morning English event is born!
We received very good reviews from the following types of persons, so we do recommend this event particularly to these people below:

  • Business persons: A good command of English becomes more and more of a requirement to advance on the corporate ladder
  • People who will work abroad on the short, medium or longer term
  • Freelancers who wish to expand their business overseas
  • People who wish to become freelancers and need to acquire or hone English as a professional skill
  • People who wish to gain self-confidence by being able to naturally speak English
  • People who wish to get in touch with a foreign culture and thereby find a “new self”

For further details, we recommend you check the event participation page.


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