EIGO!カフェ@千駄木「新記録!New record!」

EIGO!カフェ 夢にコミットを!を担当しているAlexandre TAKUMAです。




Hello again, I’m Alexandre TAKUMA, and I’m in charge of the EIGO!Cafe events at Shizuku.

We had our English night event on 21 April!
Again we also welcomed several newcomers who could experience my new teaching method! At the end of day, I received some very good feedback from all participants, and that’s exactly what makes me feel good about being an instructor/facilitator.

You won’t probably believe it, but the next day on 22 April during our usual morning session, we reached a new participant record. I had the honour of welcoming 12 guests! They all ended up thanking me for the event and said they were definitely coming back. I was very happy too, and I believe I probably made their day.

I’ll go on with the same “for you” spirit!

Will be waiting for you next time!