An amazing time speaking English! That’s what puts people together! And English does put a smile on people’s face! That’s what I realised once again yesterday. We all grow from striving towards our objective together with like minded people. So as facilitator I will provide for such an environment.

We welcomed yet 3 new members. Some have experience in living in Australia and others came especially from Atami and Kunitachi! I cannot be grateful enough! You will get from me 100 times  the commitment you show.


  1. Give yourself a boost!/自分に何倍もの成長を掛けよう!

  2. 4.16 In a teapot英語カフェ@名古屋

  3. 5.7 英語カフェIn a teapot@名古屋開催!

  4. How many times do you speak in English?英語を口にしていますか…

  5. EIGO!カフェ@東京

  6. EIGO!カフェ@千駄木「新記録!New record!」

  7. EIGO!カフェが進化?!Let’s go to the next level!

  8. EIGO!カフェ@千駄木

  9. 英語は動詞10個抑えれば会話できちゃうの?!