English is fun because you have somewhere to speak. It becomes so fun that you continue speaking and want to get better at it. You continue to speak and want to get better, and that’s what makes you speak it very well and gives you confidence little by little.

That’s exactly what we experienced last time during our EIGO! Cafe with 2 new participants, one from Korea and one who lived 2 years in … Belgium! This will definitely get more exciting!


  1. EIGO!カフェが週末にも開催!

  2. First EIGO! Café in Breizh cafe in Shinjuku

  3. EIGO!カフェ@日暮里

  4. How many times do you speak in English?英語を口にしていますか…

  5. About Takuma 詳細なプロフィールを書きました!

  6. New morning routine! 新しい習慣!

  7. EIGO!カフェが進化?!Let’s go to the next level!

  8. 9月の英語カフェ:日程決定!

  9. 第9回目Language Exchange Party開催!