Give yourself a boost!/自分に何倍もの成長を掛けよう!

What do I do to take my English skills to the next level?

Recently I got this question from an increased number of people. Apparently, this is an issue many people face, more than ever before. In this highly interconnected age where you get so much “options” on “learning” or “improving” their English, it seems most people do not know where to go or what to do because there are so much things out there for them to choose from. So they will try out different learning methods, spending a whole lot of money doing that. And as for their results, I often hear that they could not improve that much after all.

I would personally be very sad if you would then give up on English just because of that!



That’s why we also provide you with the assistance you need at our EIGO!Cafe events to help you achieve your goals and targets. Please feel free to ask next time you join our events!




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